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Crazy Time

Things have been rather nuts for the past few months. I seem to have taken on lots of new responsibilities at work, which means I have a lot more to do and my boss relies on me much more than before. I'm okay with it, but lately my boss has been out of town, which means I'm carrying two major projects on my own while she's gone. Fun stuff.

Our lease in the current Frogpartment is up at the end of April. I was planning on renewing due to supreme laziness, but our management isn't going to let us. They want to remodel the place and jack the price up 200 dollars, so we've found a new place to hang our hats. It's a much larger apartment, in a much nicer area. We'll be joined by thehorde, which means loads of uber down the road.

Funtime has involved lots of random gaming and chatting with people. Hopefully things calm down a bit after the move, I could use a vacation!

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