August 6th, 2008


Things have been busy lately.

* popful's dad was in town for two weeks, which kept me distracted for awhile.
* During that time, a really old friend from my mini-frog days came up from Charleston to visit for a day. Was nice seeing him, we'll have to do it again sometime!
* Saw the in-town side of the family, and said good-bye to my sister who is off to Japan for many moons.
* Did some crap for my birthday which involved the Aquarium, Ikea, and other things I cannot immediately recall.
* I've been playing some Soul Calibur IV, GTA4, Burnout, and most recently Uncharted.
* Work has been retardedly busy. ( I've worked til 3am twice this week :P )

Overall, things are decent. I'll post some pictures at some point, when I have time to do so! Until then, I am off to the Work-Cave!
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