January 25th, 2008


This week has been a true test of my patience. With the weather going from super-freezing wtfsnow to 65 degrees and then back again, my sinuses have been staging organized protests since Monday. I've dealt with it the best I can with the usual assortment of over the counter drugs and sleep, but too many antihistamines in too short a time makes me stupidly grumpy... unreasonably so. I haven't snapped at anyone on a personal level thank goodness, but I have griped about stupid stuff all week!

Work has been light this week, but I'm still behind a bit due to feeling like utter crap, so I hope to catch up by Monday, which is doable. Other than that, I've been enjoying the new Advance Wars game on the DS and playing Exteel with a large number of friends.

For now though, I shall clean up the apartment a little, prep some delicious dinnerings for when popful gets home and cruise into the weekend without a care. If anyone wishes to uber mightily, you know where I am. (~'.')~
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