I think I need a vacation... or some good sleep. Both would be nice, but two enter and only one may leave... or some such nonsense. I've lost count of the sheep lately, and they've stopped jumping. I refuse to medicate the them, it's just not their style, and have you seen a medicated sheep? Baa'ing with a sleepy drawl is just uncool. Perhaps it is lack of caffeine that drives my mind into a confused mess of knock-knock jokes and action figures, but I am unsure. It's hard to focus when the world keeps jumping around like that. I could go on, but it is almost time to be sideways, and I am feeling staunchly perpendicular. Until next time, don't let those badgers backtalk you.
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Things have been busy lately.

* popful's dad was in town for two weeks, which kept me distracted for awhile.
* During that time, a really old friend from my mini-frog days came up from Charleston to visit for a day. Was nice seeing him, we'll have to do it again sometime!
* Saw the in-town side of the family, and said good-bye to my sister who is off to Japan for many moons.
* Did some crap for my birthday which involved the Aquarium, Ikea, and other things I cannot immediately recall.
* I've been playing some Soul Calibur IV, GTA4, Burnout, and most recently Uncharted.
* Work has been retardedly busy. ( I've worked til 3am twice this week :P )

Overall, things are decent. I'll post some pictures at some point, when I have time to do so! Until then, I am off to the Work-Cave!
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I must admit. I had drifted away from listening to REM for many years. Only had their cassettes for the longest time and was too poor to buy their CDs, so I hadn't been the most loyal fan. Tonight's concert has turned that right around. It was a great show, and I can't wait for them to come back through town again. Next time I'll get better seats.

Quick notes!

- Metal Gear Solid 4 was awesome. I am ubering through it again.
- Father's Day was fun, always good to see the family.
- Work is sucking lately. Too many deadlines, not enough me. I am buried in maps.

That is all. If you need me, I am in the usual places.
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It's been about two weeks since the move, and things are starting to settle into place. There's still a ton to unpack/sort through, but the pile does grow ever smaller! Aside from packing, we just need a few more things and the place will be set!

In other news... well, there isn't any other news, I haven't done anything of interest outside of packing and moving in almost two months. Nice to have that crap done. See you folks next time, when I might have something interesting and/or snarky to say!
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Still alive!

All the storms that blew through Atlanta yesterday and today went either North or South of the Frogparment, so all is well! In fact, while the rest of the city is in a major state of emergency, it is sunny outside here! Guess we've gotten pretty luck. That is all! C_C

Crazy Time

Things have been rather nuts for the past few months. I seem to have taken on lots of new responsibilities at work, which means I have a lot more to do and my boss relies on me much more than before. I'm okay with it, but lately my boss has been out of town, which means I'm carrying two major projects on my own while she's gone. Fun stuff.

Our lease in the current Frogpartment is up at the end of April. I was planning on renewing due to supreme laziness, but our management isn't going to let us. They want to remodel the place and jack the price up 200 dollars, so we've found a new place to hang our hats. It's a much larger apartment, in a much nicer area. We'll be joined by thehorde, which means loads of uber down the road.

Funtime has involved lots of random gaming and chatting with people. Hopefully things calm down a bit after the move, I could use a vacation!
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This week has been a true test of my patience. With the weather going from super-freezing wtfsnow to 65 degrees and then back again, my sinuses have been staging organized protests since Monday. I've dealt with it the best I can with the usual assortment of over the counter drugs and sleep, but too many antihistamines in too short a time makes me stupidly grumpy... unreasonably so. I haven't snapped at anyone on a personal level thank goodness, but I have griped about stupid stuff all week!

Work has been light this week, but I'm still behind a bit due to feeling like utter crap, so I hope to catch up by Monday, which is doable. Other than that, I've been enjoying the new Advance Wars game on the DS and playing Exteel with a large number of friends.

For now though, I shall clean up the apartment a little, prep some delicious dinnerings for when popful gets home and cruise into the weekend without a care. If anyone wishes to uber mightily, you know where I am. (~'.')~
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Tagged by pinksugardemon:

The rules are easy, just post 6 things that recently made you happy! Then tag 6 people and force them to post this meme on their LJs. Because it is good. Everyone needs a little happiness once in awhile.

1) Bowled a 210 last night. Not bad for 3 months of practice. :9

2) Beautiful Katamari. \*_*/

3) Watching Keroro Gunsou from the beginning. Ah, such craziness.

4) Recent Planetside outtings with the multitude of friend-sans.

5) Learning how to make my own chili... still needs work, but I'll get there.

6) Programming MU* Toys (~'.')~

I'm only tagging the_horde, because he never posts and we all need a horde-post. Everyone else, consider yourself tagged by default. There it is, I'm a rule breaker.
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